I’ve recently gone climbing in Ubatuba (beach close to São Paulo) with a Mexican friend that was on vacations in Brazil. Actually, I hardly knew him… but he was looking for some company for his adventure and I can never deny an invitation to go climbing.

I took my tent with me to sleep on the rock. After having spent 40 days camping in Argentina, I really wanted to sleep outdoors again.

However, as soon as it started to get dark, Arqui suggested that we’d sleep at an Inn close by. I told him it was too expensive, and he nicely offered to pay for my stay. But I didn’t accept it, and therefore, he didn’t go either…. probably just out of manners, as we were together, and he couldn’t help complaining:

– My shirt is from North Face, my underwear is Calvin Klein, I don’t need to sleep here!

Lol! I just couldn’t hold it in me!

– I don’t care about clothes!

And then I striped, and dove into the sea completely naked.

He was shocked and shouted:

– Are you naked?! You’re hippie!

I started laughing and answered:

– While you’re out there complaining and worrying about things that just don’t matter, you’re missing out the opportunity of swimming in this warm water under this amazing moon!

He stood up and came closer to the water. It was obvious nudity was an issue for him, so I swam away to make him comfortable. He then got into the water and I could see in his expression that he was also enjoying the freeing feeling that it is to swim with no clothes on!

He didn’t come close to me while in the water and neither in the tent in which we were sleeping together. He also stopped complaining and slept in peace.

The more we cover ourselves, the more we turn our bodies into a taboo. Just take a look at how women that wear a Burkha live and it’s easy to understand what I mean.

My friend could understand my nudity was not an invitation for sex, but a pure search for freedom. Therefore, when I listen to stuff like “women have to give themselves the respect”, “how was she dressed? She was asking to be attacked”, I say:

–  If I need to cover myself because you are not capable of controlling your instincts, then my friend, you’re a dangerous animal who should be in jail! But unfortunately, laws still protect animals like you because my attitudes and those of many other women are judged by little and perverted minds in which victims are seen as the criminal ones. No one can touch my body without my consent.

I do respect myself, and I respect my right to take off my clothes and search for freedom, my right to live my own life in peace. I will not be criticized by a sexist society in which when a man takes off his clothes it is seen as a “boy’s fun time”, but when women do it, it is an invitation for sex.

Both my body and soul are naked. Forever free! And I demand respect.