When I told people that I had bought a minivan to live in while travelling around the world, a lot of people said to me “If only I could, I would do the same!”
From their comments, I realised how many people actually run from their dreams and I started questioning myself over this topic, noticing that one of the things that keeps people from following their dreams is how they spend the money they need to do so. I recently saw an inspiring footage by José Mujica that perfectly explains the big mistake of the society in relation to money.
It basically says that we don’t buy things with money, we buy things with the time we spend gaining this money. Mind blowing!
So, when I see people focused on buying things fundamental according to capitalists needs but totally useless to follow their dreams, I wonder – Are they thinking how much this cost to them, or how much time are they using to buy this thing? The saying we have been hearing for all our lives “Time is money” is failed in its construction. Money is Time!
As soon we understand this assumption, life seems much more valuable than that green thing we worship so much.
When I was 11 years old, my father lost nearly all his money. Today I am grateful that happened as it was one of the best things that could ever happen to me. At the time, I kept going to the same school, but I didn’t have money to buy all the fashion branded clothes my friends had. Being 11 and not being able to fit in with peers is hard but, on the other hand, helps building up a set of values to bring in the adulthood. Going back home after school and not finding friends of my parents around as there was no imported whiskey to drink anymore made me realise what was really important in life.
When I see people spending a lot of money to buy a design, expensive chair to decorate their house instead of buying something useful to fulfill their dreams, I wonder: – How many days did you work to buy it? Your friend that is now sitting on this expensive chair would do the same for you? Don’t buy the chair. Buy your dream instead. A true friend will sit next to you and your dreams, wherever your dreams are.. even on the floor.
PS: The picture is from an artwork by Fer Caggiano (my sister). She is an excellent artist, as well as a true friend, supporting me and my crazy ideas, including Safira – the van that become my mobile house for the trip. For whom interested there is a step by step description of how I have adapted the van and of my life on the road on Instagram @sobasestrelas and Facebook “Sob as estrelas” (under the stars)